Skype: vladimir_grayvoronskiy

Instagram: @grajvik

Volodymyr Hraivoronskyi - UR6LFK

QTH: city Kharkiv, Ukraine. Location: KN89cx

Volodymyr Hraivoronskyi


Test Engineer in EKTOS Testing & Reliability Services, Struer, Denmark.



2007-2012 M. Sc. E.E., School of Radiophysics, Kharkiv National University n.a. V.N.Karazin, Quantum radiophysics and radiomeasurements.


IEEE member since 2011, Photonics soc.




Registred radioamateur since June, 2011



I'm working 10-12-15-17-20-40-80m SSB, BPSK31 or RTTY, sometimes  /QRP or /P and 70cm FM /P 


My equipment: QRP home-made transceiver SW-2011rdx 1 to 20 Wt , Tube amplifier (10Wt in - 120-150Wt out)  and my new antenna - home-made trap vrtical 10-15-20-40m. Reserve antennas are dipole 21MHz, windom 10-15-20-40m, 15m vertical delta ant for /portable work.




Trap vertical antenna 10-15-20m.

Also works on 30 & 40 meters bands.

4.60m height on 2m mast.


Dear friends, please, send QSL-card via bureau after QSO, and I'll send you my QSL-card in answer



New diploma